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ShipCalm Acquires River Source Logistics in Strategic Move to Boost e-Commerce Fulfillment & Third-Party Logistics Capabilities

As omni-channel fulfillment continues to emerge as a top priority for brands today, they still face significant challenges in meeting the evolving demands of the market, driven primarily by the comple...

Business Wire

SAN DIEGO: As omni-channel fulfillment continues to emerge as a top priority for brands today, they still face significant challenges in meeting the evolving demands of the market, driven primarily by the complexities that emerge from supporting omni-channel logistics across multiple sales channels.

In an effort to help retailers overcome these challenges and carve out a competitive advantage, ShipCalm, an e-Commerce operations platform and third-party logistics provider, has announced a strategic acquisition. By acquiring River Source Logistics (RSL), ShipCalm is positioned to provide a more comprehensive and cost-effective approach to logistics services to its customers.

“The integration of RSL into the ShipCalm family signifies a commitment to expanding our capabilities, enhancing operational efficiencies, and delivering exceptional value to our clients,” said Greg Moser, ShipCalm CEO. “Together, we are poised to redefine the logistics landscape and set new standards of excellence. This strategic move aligns with our vision to be a leader in the industry, providing unparalleled services and driving continuous growth.”

As part of the acquisition, ShipCalm, which will more than double its customer base, will be phasing out its San Diego warehouse and moving operations to Los Angeles. The new larger warehouse provides three times the capacity as the current facility and will result in more seamless fulfillment and shipping for ShipCalm’s customers, cost reductions, and the ability to scale.

“This will make life easier for all of our customers, enabling them to grow and expand, particularly their West Coast operations,” Moser said. “We will now have substantial warehouse and fulfillment centers located centrally -- in Indiana and Los Angeles -- which poses a very attractive proposition for overseas customers. All four corners of the U.S. are now easily accessible in terms of shipping requirements.”

This strategic move allows ShipCalm to significantly enhance its third-party logistics offerings:

Enhanced Capacity and Efficiency:

  • Reduced Shipping Costs: RSL's strategic location secures cheaper rates from the port, lowering customers' long-term logistics costs for both parcel and freight.
  • Increased Scale: With more capacity, ShipCalm can now provide customers ample space to grow their business in California.
  • Unchanged Systems: Customers' current digital systems and workflows remain intact, eliminating the need to adapt to new processes.

“We are thrilled to join forces with ShipCalm and eager to expand our service offerings and supercharge our capabilities through this partnership,” said Jonathan Montgomery, Partner & COO, River Source Logistics. “This acquisition marks an incredible milestone for the River Source Logistics team. It promises not only to elevate our products and services for our clients but also to unlock fantastic growth and development opportunities for our team. We are confident that together, we will achieve remarkable success and continue to deliver the exemplary service our clients are accustomed to.”

About ShipCalm

ShipCalm is an e-Commerce operations platform and third-party logistics provider headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. Founded in 2017, ShipCalm provides a number of logistics services aimed at helping online businesses solve their shipping problems. ShipCalm provides solutions for e-Commerce business owners with Amazon FBA prep, reverse logistics, kitting, packing and assembly, as well as e-Commerce shipping and warehousing. As the world-leading 3PO, ShipCalm provides complete operational solutions to digitally native brands, including a third-party operations platform that streamlines traditional operations with data and powerful AI. More information at https://www.shipcalm.com/.

Fonte: Business Wire

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