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QuantHealth Taps OMNY Health to Improve Dataset Structures for its AI Platform

QuantHealth, the leading AI-driven clinical trial design company, today announced a partnership with OMNY Health, the premier healthcare ecosystem for facilitating compliant cross-industry health data...

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Data Collaboration Advances QuantHealth’s Trial Simulation Capabilities

ATLANTA: QuantHealth, the leading AI-driven clinical trial design company, today announced a partnership with OMNY Health, the premier healthcare ecosystem for facilitating compliant cross-industry health data sharing. This collaboration aims to unlock novel insights from OMNY Health's vast network of de-identified data, fostering new opportunities for clinical trials, evidence-based practice, and medical research for QuantHealth’s customers, which include four out of the five largest pharmaceutical companies globally.

By integrating diverse EHRs into organized, de-identified research data products, OMNY equips researchers and providers with comprehensive information to address disparities in clinical trials and close significant demographic information gaps in drug discovery and development. OMNY's extensive data portfolio supports downstream analytic needs for life sciences innovation. The partnership with QuantHealth will unlock insights to accelerate life-changing innovation, further underscoring data as the power source for AI companies.

QuantHealth’s AI technology, trained on a dataset of 350 million patients, enhances clinical trial timelines, mitigates trial risks, and identifies sub-populations likely to respond to treatments. This collaboration will help QuantHealth's pharmaceutical partners expedite drug development through simulated clinical trials informed by real-world evidence and predicted clinical trial outcomes, drug efficacy, and patient responses.

“Biotech is entering a vibrant part of life sciences history,” said Omri Matalon, VP Clinical Data Science and Head of R&D Operations. "This partnership with OMNY Health furthers QuantHealth’s commitment to quality data and access for our partners. "This diverse and highly organized, de-identified research and data will optimize our simulated clinical trials, enabling us to provide the highest quality insights to our life sciences partners and continue to revolutionize the research and development arena."

This partnership represents OMNY Health's focus on life sciences data and accelerating diverse participation in clinical trials, significantly enhancing its real-world data ecosystem, which supports compliant research AI company partnerships at scale. By facilitating secure and mutually beneficial data sharing, OMNY helps companies like QuantHealth simulate trials at scale and expedite, de-risk, and optimize drug development, to provide the world with effective medication expeditiously.

"Life sciences organizations and healthcare providers often face time and budget constraints that limit their ability to utilize their data effectively. By partnering with QuantHealth, we can break down these barriers and provide organized, on-demand, and data-driven answers to pressing clinical questions. This collaboration will accelerate drug development and optimize clinical trials, leading to improved therapeutic outcomes and enhanced patient care," said Mitesh Rao, CEO, of OMNY Health. "Our mission is to free data from silos, enabling it to be shared, analyzed, and transformed into life-saving treatments and improved patient care."

This collaboration follows QuantHealth's recent strategic investment from Accenture Ventures and a leading CRO firm, bringing its Series A funding total to $17M. Founded in 2020, QuantHealth aims to help pharmaceutical companies advance and de-risk their programs by using AI to simulate clinical trials. The company’s technology predicts clinical trial outcomes, drug efficacy, and patient responses, delivering real-world evidence and enhancing clinical trial success.

About OMNY Health

OMNY Health™ is a national data ecosystem connecting the world of healthcare to fuel partnerships that improve clinical outcomes and drive patient care. OMNY’s dynamic partnerships with specialty health networks, healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and integrated delivery networks span all fifty states and cover over 75 million patient lives. The company’s comprehensive data layer powers health tech companies to drive the next generation of innovation. The platform serves as a centralized resource for life sciences and healthcare provider groups to facilitate mutually-beneficial data sharing and research collaboration at scale, fueling innovation where patients need it the most. OMNY Health’s data ecosystem now reflects more than seven years of historical data encompassing more than 2 billion clinical notes from 300,000+ providers across 200+ specialties - and is growing. For more information, visit www.omnyhealth.com.

About QuantHealth

90% of drugs fail the clinical stage, representing a direct $45B annual waste to pharma companies. To address this challenge at its core, QuantHealth's Clinical-Simulator predicts how each patient in a clinical trial will respond to treatment, allowing trial design teams to predict how an entire clinical trial will play out and adapt accordingly. Based on its novel AI engine and a vast dataset of 350m patients and over 700K therapeutics, QuantHealth's simulator can predict clinical trial results with high accuracy, allowing users to answer mission-critical questions such as trial go/no-go, cohort optimization, drug repurposing, and more. QuantHealth was founded by healthcare experts who led commercial, product, and data science at various leading companies in the US and Israel. QuantHealth is backed by expert Life-Science investors in the US, Europe, and Israel and is supported by an advisory board of physicians and scientists from leading academic institutions. To learn more, visit https://quanthealth.ai/.

Fonte: Business Wire

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