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New Relic Launches the First Fully-Integrated, AI-Driven Digital Experience Monitoring Solution

#dem--New Relic, the intelligent observability platform, launched the industry’s first fully-integrated, AI-driven Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution to optimize app performance and proact...

Business Wire

Integrated DEM solution gives businesses end-to-end visibility and insights to deliver enriched user experiences across all digital channels

New Relic DEM makes it easy for businesses to quickly identify and resolve user friction points across mobile, web, and AI-powered applications

SAN FRANCISCO: #dem--New Relic, the intelligent observability platform, launched the industry’s first fully-integrated, AI-driven Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution to optimize app performance and proactively prevent interruptions in digital experiences. The enterprise-grade solution offers end-to-end visibility and real-time insights across mobile, web, and AI apps, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality digital experiences across all touchpoints, with new features like New Relic mobile user journeys, New Relic mobile logs, and enhancements to New Relic session replay.

DEM is more critical than ever, especially for AI adoption

Interruptions in digital experiences—such as apps not loading or performing slowly—can erode customer satisfaction, cause customers to abandon carts or leave bad reviews, and result in lower conversion rates and missed opportunities that ultimately impact revenue. This situation is worsened with the pressure to adopt fast-evolving AI technologies like chatGPT that can produce unreliable results and further damage brand reputation. New Relic DEM, part of the New Relic observability platform, monitors real user interactions across all applications, including AI applications, helps identify incorrect AI responses, and flags user friction points. This ensures frictionless and consistent experiences wherever users interact, allowing enterprises to adopt AI with confidence.

Integrated DEM delivers real-time insights for uninterrupted digital experiences

Most enterprises today struggle with multiple user monitoring point solutions that create disjointed partial views of their digital experiences. New Relic DEM is the only integrated solution that combines real user monitoring (RUM) capabilities like browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, and synthetic monitoring, with APM 360, errors inbox, and AI monitoring in a single platform, out of the box. This provides enterprises with an end-to-end view of their customer experience and insights in the context of their entire application stack, helping them measure the health and performance of applications and underlying network and infrastructure from a user point of view. It enables them to pinpoint the root cause of issues and quickly resolve them. It also allows for a better understanding of user behavior and journeys within the apps, helping to design new app features that delight users and drive engagement.

"No enterprise wants to deal with unhappy customers or worse, lose them," said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. "By using a combined DEM and APM solution that is AI-powered, we can prevent user issues, manage incidents more efficiently, and continuously improve experiences. When all monitoring data is in one place, businesses get clearer insights that help them solve problems faster and better. This doesn't just help enterprises to make their customers happier but also allows them to run smoother operations and drive business success."

New Relic’s advanced DEM capabilities drive business outcomes:

  • Superior insights without the high costs: The only session replay solution that automatically captures 100% of incidents and records critical user actions leading up to each incident, offering superior insights without the expense of recording every single session.
  • The most comprehensive list of mobile platforms: Comprehensive mobile log management supports a wide range of platforms (iOS, Android, watchOS), and popular hybrid frameworks (Xamarin, .NET MAUI, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, and Ionic Capacitor). This enables organizations to detect and mitigate risks across the mobile ecosystem, proactively addressing issues that affect customers.
  • Actionable user journeys without event duplication: The only mobile user journeys solution to provide automatic, dynamic, nonlinear charts without event duplication. It delivers detailed insights beyond basic page views, including breadcrumbs, HTTP events, and handled exceptions, facilitating quicker issue resolution and enhancing mobile user experiences.

New Relic DEM is available now, with flexible pricing to accommodate businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit:

Comments on the News

“When customers want to purchase a product or service, or get information, there’s little patience for slow or disrupted experiences. Customers have other options and will go elsewhere when they encounter these issues. DEM enables providers to know exactly the type of experience their customers are seeking and the problems they encounter. Most importantly, DEM allows these companies to get ahead of issues before they lose revenue. On the flip side, when companies get DEM right, customers are more likely to keep coming back and recommending them.” – Stephen Elliot, Vice President, IDC Group.

“At Mercado Libre, we strive to provide our customers with the best digital experience possible, but understanding JavaScript errors generated by user actions or a variety of devices can be a costly and time-consuming challenge for our engineering team. With Session Replay our team gains an invaluable advantage—the ability to visually playback user sessions alongside our related telemetry data. It seamlessly integrates into our tech stack—consolidating insights, streamlining tool usage, and optimizing costs. As a result, our team will now have the ability to fix issues faster while also crafting delightful customer experiences that lead to more conversions and happier customers, all without breaking the bank.” – Oleh Burkhay, Frontend Expert, Mercado Libre, Latin America's largest e-commerce and payments company, averaging 700 million requests per minute, and 10,000 deployments per day.

About New Relic

After inventing Application Performance Monitoring (APM), New Relic stands at the forefront of observability with the most advanced platform for eliminating digital interruptions.

Businesses around the world including adidas Runtastic, American Red Cross, Domino’s, GoTo Group, Ryanair, Topgolf, and William Hill run on New Relic to create better digital experiences, optimize revenue, and lead innovation. www.newrelic.com.

Fonte: Business Wire

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