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Particle Health and Hona Partner to Empower Providers with Longitudinal Data for Informed Clinical Decisions

Particle Health, an intelligent data platform that aggregates and delivers actionable patient data and insights to healthcare companies, and Hona, a customizable, HIPAA-compliant artificial intelligen...

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Collaboration Combines HIPAA-Compliant AI Search with API Platform to Reach Beyond the Electronic Health Record for Expanded Access to Patient Health History

NEW YORK: Particle Health, an intelligent data platform that aggregates and delivers actionable patient data and insights to healthcare companies, and Hona, a customizable, HIPAA-compliant artificial intelligence product that searches and converts thousands of health records into one simple patient overview for healthcare providers, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Together, they will elevate Hona’s solution by integrating Particle’s API for medical record retrieval outside of a provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system. By incorporating the full scope of the patient’s health history, Hona can analyze records into one patient overview to better support comprehensive care recommendations.

Hona is dedicated to harnessing the power of AI to better prepare providers for care encounters by presenting a complete view of all patient activities happening both inside and outside their practice. As many provider groups lack the internal technical resources to pull in records, the company identified an opportunity to deliver clinical decision support via their AI solution, which analyzes data outside of a provider’s EHR system and incorporates it with internal patient records. Key to Hona’s offering is its customization capabilities, which empower providers to filter down a medical history into what matters most to their patient visit. Users are able to set the templates of their reports in free text and pull the exact information they need. As a result, providers receive the most complete and concise view of a patient’s medical history. To extend the value of its AI offering, Hona engaged with Particle for its intelligent data platform to easily extract clinical insights from millions of patients' medical records piped in live from healthcare networks across the country.

“Hona leverages AI to significantly reduce provider burnout and preparation time by eliminating the need to chase charts and sift through records to identify the most pertinent patient details,” said Adam Steinle, CEO, of Hona. “Through our strategic partnership with Particle Health, we are able to elevate how we cull through the necessary clinical data during our medical record retrieval process. With these more comprehensive patient insights, we are elevating the patient onboarding process and informing critical clinical decision-making.”

Particle and Hona can now gather all medical records, often comprising thousands of documents and millions of words, which are then processed into a personalized one-page overview explicitly tailored to the provider and ensuring links to the sources are included. This approach allows the provider to use Hona as a ‘Table of Contents’ to quickly navigate the patient’s labs, clinical notes, and medications, enabling them to make the most of their appointment time together.

Particle’s API connects to the healthcare records of 320 million identified patients in the United States, allowing its intelligent data platform to deliver critical insights right to the provider in real time. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for medical records from a previous health institution to show up. Not only is this data accessibility a clear benefit to patients getting better care based on their disease or illness, but it’s also a great benefit for health enterprises supporting value based care initiatives. Particle’s extensive experience providing innovative healthcare organizations with advanced access to clean, comprehensive, healthcare data, made the organization an ideal collaborator for Hona’s initiative, offering a simple API that seamlessly integrated into their existing AI solution.

“Particle Health was built around a clear and focused mission to unlock the power of medical records to put the focus of health back on the patient,” said Jason Prestinario, CEO of Particle Health. “We are excited to collaborate with Hona to offer the most comprehensive yet concise overview of a patient available in the market. The advanced insights, when integrated into providers' workflows, minimize the number of clicks required to review a patient’s health, saving valuable time.”

About Particle Health

Particle Health has built the integrations and APIs that enable a modern, seamless data experience for healthcare companies, with a mission to unlock the power of medical records in an intelligent platform that focuses health back on the patient.

Learn more about Particle at: https://www.particlehealth.com/ or access the press kit at https://go.particlehealth.com/press-kit.

About Hona

Hona uses large language models to transform extensive medical histories into a single, fully customizable patient overview, seamlessly integrated into providers' workflows. By focusing only on the information that is most relevant, based on the individual preferences of healthcare providers, Hona aims to present the most comprehensive yet easily comprehensible summary of a patient's medical history.


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Fonte: Business Wire

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