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The Italian-Californian scale up Entando raises $11 million to expand globally

Funding from Italian venture capitalists United Ventures and Vertis to enable further development of modern applications on Kubernetes

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Entando, the open-source software company known for its application composition platform ideal for building enterprise modular web applications on Kubernetes, announced an investment of $11 million in Series B funding. The funding will drive the continued development of Entando’s platform and help accelerate and expand market awareness and worldwide operations. Capital raised will be deployed to expand Entando's team and strengthen partnerships with leading open-source projects and system integrators to accelerate innovation based on Kubernetes.

The investment is led by United Ventures, the Italian venture capital firm specializing in investments in digital technologies. Entando is the first company to enter the portfolio of United Ventures' latest fund, UV T-Growth, which is focused on highly innovative growth-stage businesses. The round includes additional investment from Vertis SGR, which led Entando's Series A investment round of $3.5 million in 2019.

Founded in 2015 in Sardinia, Italy by Walter Ambu and Paul Hinz, Entando’s vision is based on Hinz’s years with executive leadership in organizations such as Red Hat, Liferay, and Sun Microsystems and Ambu’s technical expertise and knowledge of industry trends. Entando is now a worldwide team, with R&D located in Cagliari, Italy and sales and support offices in San Diego, California. In the last two years, with Vertis support, Entando has strengthened the management team, appointing Paul Hinz as CEO, doubled the engineering team, consolidated the development of its platform and closed key deals, such as the one with the Italian Army.

Paul Hinz and Walter Ambu

Entando’s vision is to change the way enterprises think about building apps, sites, and portals to promote developer productivity in a Kubernetes environment. To that end, Entando is pursuing a market opportunity that Gartner Group describes as intelligent composable business. Entando believes that providing enterprises the ability to build applications using reusable and modular components in a Kubernetes environment is key to improving their response to business needs and overall ability to innovate quickly. Entando is also focused on helping systems integrators worldwide to build marketing, sales, and component catalogs of prebuilt business capabilities.

"In the enterprise world that keeps digitalizing, evolving, and embracing new technology solutions and architectures, organizations need solutions to innovate more quickly and efficiently. Enabling developers to build enterprise applications that are highly customized, cloud-native, scalable, and user-oriented, Entando is well-positioned to become the leading development solution platform for enterprises and providers worldwide. We were fascinated by Walter Ambu and Paul Hinz's experience and vision, and we are excited to partner with them for the journey ahead”, says Fabio Pirovano, Partner of UV T-Growth.

Companies implementing digital transformation projects are able to react faster to corporate needs, increase security and reliability, and reduce the costs and complexities of building and running apps in the cloud. Entando’s mission is to provide a platform that leverages open source technologies and best practices, as well as an ecosystem of systems integrators and solutions, to empower enterprise IT teams to increase business agility and innovation”, adds Paul Hinz, CEO of Entando.

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Edoardo Bellocchi

His first contacts with tech and IT date back to the era of the never forgotten Commodore 64. After some 15 years as a tech user and sometimes enthusiast, he went on to pursue a career in the IT field, first as a journalist and then as a PR. In recent years, he prefers to be identified as a journalist covering the wider technology market, with an eye to innovation topics.

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