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LinkedIn: the 10 best emerging Italian startups 

Three Fintech listed by LinkedIn in the 2022 edition of the Top Startups Italy ranking, with the first place is won by an online psychology service


As one can imagine, practically only new names are present in the Top Startups Italia 2022 list by LinkedIn, now in its third edition, ranking the 10 best emerging startups.

Based on data from LinkedIn interactions, the ranking takes into account four key factors: growth of the workforce, user engagement with companies and their employees, interest of job seekers in these startups and their ability to attract and retain talents.

LinkedIn's 2022 list presents the 10 emerging companies operating in various sectors and areas of specialization which, in addition to the strong innovative connotation, present a wide range of products, solutions and services aimed at simplifying consumers' lives. What is also interesting is how the startups have demonstrated a significant capacity to adapt, so that in some cases they have developed solutions to deal with the effects of the pandemic and assuming a strategic positioning.

In first place is Unobravo, the online psychology service founded in 2019, before the pandemic, which aims to support people in achieving their psychological well-being and personal growth.

This year, the second, third and fourth places in the ranking are occupied by three startups in the financial and fintech sector: Banca AideXa, the first fintech in Europe dedicated to SMEs and VAT numbers with a banking license, makes use of new technologies and opportunities offered by digital to simplify the work of entrepreneur; Starting-Finance, founded in 2018, is today the largest financial community dedicated to Millennials in Italy; Scalapay, which has developed a payment solution for third parties that allows customers, online and offline, to buy immediately and pay later through BNPL, Buy Now Pay Later.

In fifth position, Vedrai enters the ranking: founded in 2020, the company develops virtual agents based on AI that simulate the impact of decisions on business results, before they are adopted.

The sixth place is won by Macai, a quick-commerce startup that allows to order a wide range of food/non-food products through and app, and receive them in a few minutes.

Poke House, among the leading brands in the world of poke, the typical Hawaiian dish very popular in Europe lately, gains the seventh place.

Casavo, an instant real estate buyer born in 2017 in Milan, Italy, wins the eighth position followed, in ninth place, by Mirta, a digital showroom that offers contemporary brands.

The EdTech WeSchool closes the Top Startups Italia 2022 ranking. With 2 million students and 230,000 teachers, this startup promotes, among other things, training courses for teachers on new teaching methods and a collaborative platform to enhance classroom teaching.

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