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Open Seed is the first Italian incubator on the Metaverse

The company has built a 500 square meters digital headquarter in Over the Reality space.


Open Seed is the first Italian incubator with a headquarters in the Metaverse. The company has build a 500 square meters digital headquarter to work together with partners and investors. «During the pandemic, we have all experienced what it means to work remotely, make calls and meetings from home and from anywhere else. For us at Open Seed, already accustomed to daily dialogue with members and founders scattered throughout Italy, not much has changed from this point of view. Instead, it changes a lot now, thanks to the technologies of the Metaverse that allow us to add in all these digital interactions remotely, a level never seen before of immersiveness - said Lorenzo Ferrara, President and co-founder of Open Seed, an investment vehicle born in 2016, with the aim of selecting and supporting startups with high growth potential".

Who is Open Seed

Open Seed is an investment vehicle, holding, accelerator and incubator. But first of all, Open Seed is a great forge fueled by the work of over 180 members. It boasts partnerships with the main players of the Italian innovation ecosystem, with other incubators and associations of investors and business angels.

It also holds 25 stakes in high-potential startups and successful companies such as Treedom, CleanBnb, FitPrime and Over. Exacltly Over created Over the Reality, a Metaverse in mixed reality (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) open source platform and powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

"We firmly believe in technology as a way to improve people's lives and the Metaverse represents a frontier still to be shaped and explored - added the manager -. This is why we have decided to invest in the creation of a real incubator where we can select startups, meet, do training, events or simply meet for an exchange of ideas. All in a virtual place that we have studied as a large open space, with workstations, a relaxation area and a large window that gives a glimpse of Florence, as if we were right in our physical headquarters".

The Open Seed crowdfunding campaign

With this opening, Open Seed it's the first Italian incubator (and probably in Europe) to have officially set a place in the Metaverse. But this are not the only news for the company. A few days ago Open Seed started its second equity crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundMe exceeding the minimum target of 150 thousand euros in a few days.

Investing in a company like Open Seed also means investing in innovation and promising startups that are carefully selected by the partners with the aim of bringing great value and minimizing risk. Open Seed is also a partner of important names in the Italian innovation ecosystem such as Impact Hub, LVenture, InnovUp, Italian Tech Alliance and Pariter Partners. The long-term goal of Open Seed is to increase its value, including through new capital increases, to go public or to make an overall exit of its portfolio through an acquisition by a larger investment fund.

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