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Fin+Tech: 14 startups ready for the second edition of the CDP National Accelerator Network

The name of the startup selected by the italian CDP National Accelerator Network program.


Fin-Tech published the name of 14 startups selected for his CDP National Accelerator Network program. With over 400 applications received (+ 40% compared to the first edition), of which more than 50% from abroad, Fin+Tech confirms the validity of its acceleration program and testifies to the growing relevance and attractiveness of the Italian market. The 14 startups selected in the fintech and insurtech sector are benefiting from an initial investment and a 5-month acceleration path that began in October 2022 and will end with the Demo Day on March 9th. The program guarantees at least 600,000 euros of follow-on investments for the most promising realities.

Fin+Tech - the accelerator dedicated to startups that develop solutions and services in the fintech and insurtech field - is part of the CDP National Accelerator Network, a network present throughout the territory to help the growth of young companies specialized in high-potential markets. Fin+Tech aims to encourage the development of 48 startups and innovative SMEs in 3 years to help consolidate the ecosystem at national level and make it increasingly attractive for international companies and investors.

The program was born from an initiative of CDP Venture Capital together with Digital Magics, Startupbootcamp, Fintech District, Credem Group and Nexi as promoters.

Italian CDP National Accelerator Network program: the date of the pitch

14 new startups are participating in the second edition, benefiting from an initial investment and a 5-month acceleration path with the support of the accelerator team, a network of mentors, sector corporates and the venture capital world. The path, which began in October 2022, will end on March 9th with the Demo Day in which startups will have the opportunity to make a pitch in front of partners and investors, to present projects and results achieved during the program.

Confirming the validity of the program and the growing relevance and attractiveness of the Italian market abroad, both the large number of applications received are coming from 55 different countries also outside Europe.

There are also many areas of application of the realities that have been proposed. Among the various focus areas, the following stand out: technology enablers (33.7%), companies operating in the banking sector (12.9%), insurtech (11.2%), investment solutions (7.9%) and financing (3.2%).

The selected startups

Here's the list of the selected startups.

Barter, B2B E-commerce platform for the retail world. Barter is a virtual warehouse where users can enter, with a barcode scan and a few clicks, the products they have in stock and are willing to give up. Other users can search Barter's marketplace and find what they need.

Bitcoin People, through BPay - the first cloud-based ERP software - allows companies and merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin, record the transaction and conveniently declare it to the accountant.

Cooabit, a PropTech solution that helps renters become homeowners in 36 months. The tenant chooses the house, Cooabit buys it, making it possible to live in the house of their dreams while building the ideal conditions to buy it with a mortgage.

Dashero, SaaS platform for the financial management of e-commerce and web agencies with a focus on marketing activities. The software integrates via API with the main financial and marketing tools allowing you to view in a single dashboard the data previously managed manually on different platforms.

Derisk, SaaS solution to monitor corporate cash flows, liquidity and manage risks related to currencies, financial and physical assets (e.g. gold, energy) in real time.

Easydoctor, a flexible and multitouch digital patient engagement platform that supports people in their health journey, allowing easy and efficient data collection and in general better doctor-patient communication.

ID Defend, has created a platform of innovative services that allows people to monitor personal data, preventing identity theft and credit scams. The startup alerts and assists potential victims in real time, allowing them to act promptly, prevent or minimize economic damage also thanks to an insurance policy. ID Defend to reduce the risks of attack on enterprises by providing monitoring, prevention, assistance, device protection and training tools to recognize social-engineering techniques.

Lyyna, a proactive B2B2C recommendation and distribution platform based on bank data. It detects, on the basis of transactional data, the need for insurance and proactively suggests the best coverage to the end customer and/or his advisor.

Mopso, develops two software solutions to address anti-money laundering regulations, Brain and Amlet. Brain is a risk assessment tool that helps banks find suspicious transactions. Amlet makes due diligence data "portable" and reusable within an ecosystem of intermediaries, simplifying the onboarding process.

Okipo, provides a complete solution for tracking cryptocurrencies, NFTs and any other digital asset. For this purpose, it collects, structures and makes available data through specialized modules that enable the adoption of blockchain solutions in a simple and effective way.

Osense, born from the experience of professionals and researchers to try to solve one of the biggest problems of our century: the greenhouse gas emissions of companies. The AI-Impact platform enables companies to collect trusted data and reduce their carbon footprint along the entire value chain by leveraging artificial intelligence.

SaferPlaces, the first SaaS Flood Risk Intelligence platform, developed with the support of EIT Climate-KIC and ESA, which allows urban planners, real estate companies, public administrations and insurance and reinsurance companies to carry out real-time simulations on flood risk at urban level.

Takyon allows, for the first time in history, to resell travel by transforming nominal bookings into resalable and exchangeable digital goods (NFTs). To do this, it created the "Resalable Rate" and launched the "Travel Exchange", the first marketplace for booking tourism services, based on blockchain and enabled by the opportunities of Web3.

Torus, a SaaS predictive analytics platform for banks and payment service providers, helps maximize the value extracted from payment data, improving profitability and optimizing payment institutions' operating fees.

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