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Coinnect has been selected for the Batch 10 Plug and Play Insurtech Innovation Program

Coinnect is a Insurtech company based in Mendrisio, Switzerland, close to the Italian border.


Coinnect, an innovative company in the Cyber Insurtech sector, has been selected to participate in the prestigious Batch 10 Plug and Play Insurtech Innovation Program.

Coinnect was chosen from over 500 startups worldwide, among the 15 companies that will participate in the program. Plug and Play is a leading global innovation platform that empowers startups to access an extensive network of companies, investors and advisors. It is a highly selective acceleration and only the most promising and innovative startups are chosen to participate.

The inclusion of Coinnect in the program is a significant recognition of the cutting-edge cyber-insurtech solutions that the Company offers and its commitment to innovation and growth.

As an innovative provider of cyber insurtech solutions, participation in the program represents a great opportunity for Coinnect to collaborate with the other selected companies on initiatives related to the insurance world, further strengthening its position as an actor key in the industry. As the only Cyber Insurtech selected for the program, Coinnect is Proud to be, in its field, at the forefront of innovation.

The cyber insurance market has seen significant growth in recent years and this trend is bound to improve. The increase in cyber threats has, in fact, increased the demand for insurance products that offer coverage against cyber-attacks, data breaches and other digital risks.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global cyber market Insurance is expected to reach $28.6 billion by 2026, up 28.3% from 2019 to 2026. Coinnect is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growth, thanks to its State-of-the-art cyber insurtech solutions designed to integrate with insurance policies.

Such Solutions are offered in partnership with brokers, loss adjusters, insurers and reinsurers, for Provide customers with the best possible protection against cyber threats. "We are thrilled to have been selected for Batch 10 Plug and Play Insurtech Innovation Program - said Massimiliano Rijllo, Co-founder and CEO of Coinnect - This is a very important recognition of hard work, dedication and ideas. innovations that our team has brought to the field of cyber security and insurtech. We excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Plug and Play partners and look forward to Take our company to new heights".

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