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Italian startups to watch in 2024

Pitch battles are a good opportunity to discover new Italian startups ready to fly high.


What are the Italian startups of the future? We can find out scrolling the list of the most important pitches and international events as the next one, TechChill Milano. Scrolling through the list of the finalist, which is available now, we can have a view of the directions where ideas go and what are the best business according to Venture Capitals, accelerators and investors.

So let's understand what we can expect from new, young, Italian entrepreneurs. The 26 Italian startups of the Pitch Battle di TechChill Milano 2023 are:

AIDA Srl develops deeptech data masking solutions to help companies securely leverage artificial intelligence on sensitive information.

Algor Education creates web applications to help students and teachers simplify long texts and improve learning with the help of AI.

Aroundrs s.r.l. offers reusable and digitally tracked food packaging solutions to reduce the amount of disposable packaging.

Bi-rex develops a new technology for the sustainable production of paper starting from waste, avoiding deforestation.

BiomimX creates miniaturized in vitro models of human organs with the aim of advancing the discovery of therapies for rare diseases.

CarBuddy offers car pickup and delivery, providing real-time service quotes, to save time and resources.

Diamante srl, biotechnology company that develops plant-based peptide drugs for autoimmune diseases, in order to educate the human immune system.

Drype Cocktails simplifies the transport and handling of alcoholic beverages thanks to a water-soluble cocktail.

Elemento Cloud dynamically merges public and private clouds to allow IT-intensive customers to easily compose the ideal cloud.

Foreverland reinvent chocolate without cocoa, using innovative ingredients, extrusion technologies and enhancing Italian carob.

JAMPY offers para-pharmaceutical products with plant-based ingredients for dogs.

LimitlessDevice aims to create sustainable and innovative medical devices based on artificial intelligence.

MUST HAD it is a digital system that accelerates the transition towards the circular economy for textile companies.

Paperbox Health makes the early identification and treatment of learning disabilities accessible and decentralized through gaming.

Poseidon HyPerES is an innovative, effective and sustainable product for energy storage, which creates value through a product-as-a-service.

Profiter is a startup specialized in replenishment and optimization of inventory management for the healthcare sector.

RealBowl company producing fresh dog food, fat-free and with an impact on longevity.

Restworld simplifies Food & Beverage recruiting with technology and human-centric solutions.

Sentric aims to offer an easy way for brick-and-mortar retailers to successfully bring their products online.

Shopthelook allows you to enjoy pleasant and fun online shopping experiences, like in the real world.

Soource is an AI-powered platform that helps purchasing managers identify the best suppliers on the market.

SphereCube is developing a 3D printer for high-performance composite materials such as long, thermoset carbon fiber.

Tuidi optimizes food and beverage inventory management through Machine Learning to prevent stock and warehouse surpluses.

VoiceMed is developing an app to help people with asthma accurately monitor their health conditions using voice analytics.

Wine Suite is a CRM and marketing software for wineries that want to increase direct sales.

Wyblo is a people-oriented learning platform that provides automation and real-time feedback.

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