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Italiana Magnaghi Aeronautica Group acquired UK Five Valleys Aerospace Ltd

The new acquisition allows the Italian company to further expand in UK.


Magnaghi Aeronautica Group acquired Stroud-based Five Valleys Aerospace Ltd, a specialist in manufacturing components and supplier of surface treatments for the aerospace industry, and which includes the companies NuPro and Stanmar.

Magnaghi Aeronautica, which is headquartered in Naples, Italy, has a strong presence in Brazil and the United States and the acquisition of Five Valleys Aerospace Ltd strengthens its stake in the European market, as well as expanding its global presence.

Alberto de Benedictis, Magnaghi (UK) Chairman, said: “The UK aerospace market offers major opportunities; there are a number of programs that are of interest to us, including the Tempest. The acquisition of Five Valleys Aerospace is just the first step in our journey to become a major player in the market as a supplier of engineering capability and components for the aerospace sector. We intend to expand our presence not only in the UK market but also the UK export market”.

Founded in 1936 to support the flight activities of the Italian Air Force, Magnaghi Aeronautica Group is a leading provider of landing gear systems and composite aerostructure components for helicopter and medium-sized aircraft platforms, while the English group is a manufacturer and supplier of surface treatments for the aerospace industry.

The operation is the last milestone in the company's evolution and represents a huge opportunity for MaGroup to expand into the foreing market. Over the last ten years, the managing director, Paolo Graziano, has started a project to expand the presence of the group globally. The business was started in 1936, since over 20k landing gear were produced for over 7k aircraft. Today Magnaghi Aeronautica Group has offices and production sites in Brazil and in the States and will soon have a new location in the United Kingdom thanks to the acquisition.

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