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Tiscali acquires a substantial stake in Connecting Project

The Italian company aims to create the first operator wholly dedicated to integration services between network operators and telecommunication retail operators


The Board of Directors of Tiscali Italia has approved a strategic investment in Connecting Project, an Italian company focused on integrated solutions dedicated to telecommunication retail operators.

Tiscali Group, based in Cagliari, Italy is a provider of Internet access in Broadband and UltraBroadband fixed and fixed wireless, mobile phone services and value-added services. The transaction with Connection Project is aimed at creating a new business segment, focused on resellers of telecommunications services. There are currently over 100 licensed entities in Italy, recipients of the services of this new business segment, authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development for the resale of telecommunication services.

Connecting Project was founded in 2006 in Perugia, Italy with the purpose of making its high technological and regulatory know-how available to the telecommunications market, offering high professional services for the design of telecommunications, voice and data networks. Over time, the company has experienced significant growth, becoming a reference point on the market and over the years forming a team of excellence that supports customers from contractual and regulatory compliance aspects to the more strictly technical aspects of design, implementation and management of networks.

Tiscali Italia has signed a preliminary sale agreement for the purchase of 40% of Connecting Project for 1.7 million Euros. The agreement also provides for an option right for the purchase of an additional 30%. Completion of the transaction is still subject to the fulfillment or waiver of certain conditions.

Thanks to the investment in Connecting Project and the significant infrastructural and operational synergies, Tiscali Group will be able to offer integrated solutions to the retailer market based on the best connectivity available, voice, cloud, software and CRM services, with a basic “one stop shop” model that provides retail operators with all the essential tools in order to be competitive in the relevant market. Through the coordination of these activities, the commercial offer of the Tiscali Group leads to new business opportunities and the potential achievement by the Company of the status of technological enabler.

"Plans of the new Tiscali are based on the real opportunities offered by the market in terms of value and margins. This is why we decided to turn to the world of telecommunications service retailers with a dedicated and inclusive offer, from design to technology and specialized assistance. It is, in fact, a growing segment that requires highly skilled advanced services, which are not currently in place in the offers of large wholesale operators. Thanks to the over ten-year experience, knowledge and quality that has determined its success, Connecting Project is a fundamental and strategic piece of our industrial project to which retailers, especially the smallest ones, can address their real and concrete needs”, said Davide Rota, CEO of Tiscali.

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