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Italgas goes for shopping in Greece

The leading operator in Italy in the distribution of natural gas, and the third in Europe, completes the acquisition of 100% of Depa Infrastructure in Greece


Italgas, the leading operator in Italy in the distribution of natural gas and the third in Europe, has acquired 100% of Depa Infrastructure, Greece's leading gas distribution operator. The operation, completed at the beginning of September, was the subject of an international tender aimed at enhancing Greece’s state assets and creating added value through their development.

Italgas manages a distribution network that extends a total of approximately 75,000 kilometers through which, during the last year, it distributed approximately 9 billion cubic meters of natural gas to 7.8 million customers. The Group holds 1,899 concessions, with a historical presence in major Italian cities including Turin, Venice, Florence, and Rome.

The Italgas Strategic Plan 2022-2028 calls for a total of 1.8 billion euros in investments allocated to the acquisition of Depa Infrastructure, its consolidation, and the implementation of development programs such as the digitalization of networks, renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen and, more generally, compliance with the decarbonization objectives set by the Greek government and EU targets.

We are writing an important page in the history of Italgas, which after nearly twenty years is returning to cross national borders and is enriched with new colleagues, a new language and new communities to serve. It has been a long journey that has brought us this far, but now begins a new phase of intense work and development, which we will tackle with our usual enthusiasm: we will put our experience and our technological know-how at the disposal of the country to build an infrastructure of excellence and with it contribute to achieving the coal and lignite phase-out targets set by the government, in line with those of the EU. In the European scenario, Italy and Greece can aim to become the benchmark for the strategic role of smart, digital and flexible gas networks fostering the energy transition. We are here to make this happen”, said Paolo Gallo, CEO of Italgas.

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