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Reply goes shopping in France in the field of Agile and Digital transformation

Paris-based Wemanity consulting group, with activities in Benelux and Morocco, joins Reply network of companies


Turin-based Reply goes shopping in France acquiring Wemanity Group, a consulting group focused in Agile & digital transformation. The investment in Wemanity is part of Reply's international growth strategy: with Wemanity, Reply acquires new skills and a critical size in France.

Founded in 2013 in Paris, with offices in Benelux and Morocco, Wemanity consulting group has skills ranging from new management methods to the design and delivery of digital products, focused on helping organizations to become customer-centric in an efficient, agile and sustainable way. Among Wemanity's clients, there are the largest French and European groups across many industries, such as financial, luxury, retail, media and energy sectors.

In addition to its core Agile competencies and leadership, Wemanity had also created an ecosystem of startups in the fields of AI, Design, training, cyber security and digital delivery. By joining Reply network of companies, Wemanity enters a new dimension and gives itself the means to stay ahead of the market and to offer its customers ever more innovative, global and transformative solutions.

"Wemanity is characterised by a strong entrepreneurial drive and a constant focus on management and technological innovation. With Wemanity, our goal is to expand Reply’s footprint into the French and Benelux markets with a focus on digital transformation projects, an area where all the main industry players are concentrating most of their investments”, said Mario Rizzante, Chairman of Reply.

"For Wemanity it is a great opportunity to become part of the Reply companies’ network and benefit from their expertise and experience in terms of innovations while keeping a great latitude and autonomy in the development of Wemanity. The world of work is capsizing under the tsunami of new technologies, and we had to partner up with the best to help our customers face it. Furthermore being part of a global group means a great opportunity for our employees in terms of mobility and learning. And it is obviously an incredible enrichment of our capacity to deliver technological projects, as well as a guarantee of solidity and capacity for investment and growth in our core markets, which are France and the Benelux countries”, added Jean-Christophe Conticello, CEO of Wemanity.

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Edoardo Bellocchi

His first contacts with tech and IT date back to the era of the never forgotten Commodore 64. After some 15 years as a tech user and sometimes enthusiast, he went on to pursue a career in the IT field, first as a journalist and then as a PR. In recent years, he prefers to be identified as a journalist covering the wider technology market, with an eye to innovation topics.

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