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Octo Telematics lands in Japan

The Italian IoT enterprise opens new offices in Japan, widening its geographical reach in a market that has always been innovative in technology


Octo Telematics lands in Japan, opening a new office in Tokyo to strengthen its presence in what the company defines as "a strategic hub for technology, robotics and automation". Octo was already present in Japan with a commercial partnership with a leading local insurance company.

Octo's turnover abroad is constantly growing - says Nicola Veratelli, CEO of OCTO Group CEO - and therefore developing more new markets is very important for the Italian company. "Asia is a key market for us, and we expect a significant increase in the coming years as well as opportunities for cultural exchange aimed at developing new solutions tailored to the specific features of the market, that could also be the starting point for the development of innovative solutions in other Countries where OCTO is already operation or will soon be", Veratelli said.

With this announcement Octo widens its geographical reach. It is now present in Rome, Boston, London, Paris, Madrid, Stuttgart, Sao Paulo. Tokyo joins the other subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Octo's Japanese subsidiary will further help the development of the connected mobility market throughout Japan and surrounding countries, providing technical and sales support to partners.

Thanks to the new subsidiary, Octo says, the company will consolidate the already established presence in a market that has always been innovative in technology, robotics and automation sectors. The presence of Octo in Japan will translate into additional opportunities for expanding its core business, while also providing sales support to existing and new customers.

Founded more that 20 years ago in the connected mobility market, Octo is now primarily focused on insurance telematics, fleet management and smart mobility. The company develops hardware components and advanced data analytics solutions for different business applications and use cases. Octo has currently 5,5 million connected users and holds the largest global database of telematics data, with more than 510 billion miles of driving data collected and over 501,000 crashes and insurance events analyzed.

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