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Eligo and Dotstay last listed on the Euronext Growth Milan

The total number of SMBs on the list managed by Borsa Italiana reaches 190 companies and 11 billion in capitalization.


Eligo and Dotstay are the latest Italian companies to be listed on the Euronext Growth Milan list. The first rang the bell on December 28, the second on December 29, 2022. The total number of SMBs on the list managed by Borsa Italiana reaches 190 companies and 11 billion in capitalization. Although, on closer inspection, the + signs in the variation of the title are about a third of the total. In terms of markets, Technology and Industry dominate, accounting for around 59% of the total of 190 SMBs.

Eligo defines itself as a fashion tech company and debuts at the placement price of 2.35 euros and the rules of Borsa Italiana provide for a single negotiation on the basis of a price set daily on auction criteria and for a minimum lot of 5 thousand shares.

Who is Eligo

Founded in 2016 as a tailor's shop for men, Eligo has evolved into an online platform for the sale of clothing of various Italian brands alongside an online stylistic consultancy model. The founders are Giuseppe Catella and Naomi Kohashi Catella, the first with a strong experience in investment management, the second brings us the expertise on the market.

Already present as a brand and physical store abroad, in 2011 Eligo is present in 53 cities in 11 countries and closed the year with almost one million euros in revenues and a production value of 1.4 million euros. Eligo presents itself at Euronext Growth Milan with a capitalization of almost 14 million euros (2.35 euros per share) and the new ordinary shares placed are 887,141.

"The goal is also the result of an important path developed through two crowdfunding campaigns, both successfully concluded – said CEO Naomi Kohashi in a statement -. We plan to increase the development of the E.L.S.A. platform, in order to integrateit with augmented reality elements as well as with additional tools that will guarantee an increasingly innovative experience, sales and marketing activities, brand awareness and consolidation of M&A operations carried out".

Who is Dotstay

Dotstay is the twenty-sixth admission since the beginning of the year on Euronext Growth Milan and in the placement phase has raised 2.2 million euros.

Founded by Alessandro Adamo, Dotstay moves in Real Estate – more precisely in the relocation and property management segment – and declares to be "the only platform in the world through which anyone who has to move to a new city, can book a local personal assistant, the Angel, who helps him at 360 ° throughout the relocation process".

At 31 December 2021 Dotstay recorded 214 thousand 184 euros in revenues and an equity of 25 thousand euros. The company presents itself for placement by issuing 573 thousand new ordinary shares. The placement price has been set at 3.77 euros per share with an expected capitalisation of 9.5 million euros.

"The success of the placement is an important milestone for us: it testifies to the appreciation of investors for the positioning that our company has managed to conquer in the real estate market now in strong growth after two years of pandemic - said Alessandro Adamo, founder and CEO of Dotstay - Today's goal represents the new starting point of our strategy of growth that we will pursue with determination and dedication".

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