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Digital Trust: InfoCert of Italy to acquire 65% of Ascertia, a reference player in the PKI market based in UK

Italian based Tinexta group, parent company of InfoCert, strengthens its international presence adding a key player in cryptographic solutions and digital signature technologies


Tinexta, a leading Italian company in Digital Trust, Cybersecurity and Business Innovation services, through its subsidiary InfoCert, the largest Certification Authority in Europe, signed an agreement for the acquisition of 65% of the capital of Ascertia.

Based in London, UK, Ascertia also operates in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, and is a reference player in the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) market, infrastructures required to deploy public key cryptography solutions to protect communications, authentications and the integrity of digital transactions. Ascertia also focuses on digital signature products which comply with the eIDAS Regulation and ETSI standards.

Ascertia’s customers include central banks, government agencies, financial organisations, corporates and large enterprises. The company has also established business relationships with a vast network of major global partners, which represent an important accelerator for penetrating new geographies.

Through this acquisition, Tinexta will achieve several strategic objectives and develop industrial and commercial synergies, such as strengthening its international presence in the UK and Mena (Middle East North Africa) markets; expand InfoCert capabilities and technical skills, thanks to Ascertia deep expertise on PKI, which will allow to consolidate a broader and more innovative market offerings; and finally the possibility of reaching new markets by using the extensive sales network developed by Ascertia and a more technological and jurisdiction-independent offer proposition.

Danilo Cattaneo, CEO of InfoCert

“Tinexta’s international footprint is increasing more and more with the entry into key markets such as the UK and Middle East North Africa. Moreover, Tinexta adds to its perimeter a technological asset of great value that perfectly integrates with InfoCert offering and allows us to consolidate our position as leader in the Digital Trust market and as a key reference player in the global market for digital transactions", said Pier Andrea Chevallard, CEO of Tinexta.

The acquisition of Ascertia opens up significant opportunities, as the Public Key Infrastructure underpins all our core services and, since the company is spread across several countries on an international scale, it represents an accelerating element for a broader diffusion of our product portfolio. Moreover, the solid technological expertise is complemented by a network of leading international customers and partners and by the access to a research and development factory at particularly competitive costs”, added Danilo Cattaneo, CEO of InfoCert.

The closing is expected to take place by the first half of 2023.

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