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The Italian LSM-MED ready to land on the American market

The Italian polimery factory has planned to enter the traumatology sector in USA.


LSM-MED, an Italian polimery factory has planned a five-year development plan to enter the traumatology sector in the USA, a market estimated at 31 billion dollars.

The pandemic has had significant repercussions in the health sector and the need to reorganize orthopedics and traumatology departments, with particular reference to fragile categories such as the elderly and children, who have seen their main routine surgeries blocked.

Since last year, we are witnessing a gradual recovery with a positive growth trend and a return to normal activities. This is confirmed by recent studies in which it emerges in the United States are calculated over 350,000 annual hospitalizations for fractures to the upper limbs and hip. This represents a great development opportunity for Italian and European companies operating in the world of traumatology.

The American market opportunity

Among these, LSM-Med - a company operates in the design, production and marketing of implantable medical devices and instrumentation - with its experience of over 40 years in the production of medical devices for the upper limb and foot and the ability to combine traumatic products with bioabsorbable and special polymers.

Recognized as a polymer factory, LSM-Med boasts high know-how in injection molding technology for the production of medical devices in polymeric material such as:

- PLLA. An environmentally friendly bio-plastic, capable of being reabsorbed by the human body: the relatively high resistance and its speed of degradation and resorption make it appropriate for most musculoskeletal applications, with particular use in pediatric surgery.

- PEEK. An excellent polymer that has made its way into the medical world thanks to important characteristics for such a delicate sector: excellent resistance to usual sterilization methods, very good chemical resistance, biocompatibility and dimensional stability

For the next 5 years, the company with the two integrated sites in San Marino and Milan, has provided a strategic business plan that allows development in territories outside the border, with particular reference to the American traumatology market which is estimated at 31 billion dollars. An ambitious goal that will allow LSM-Med to obtain a slice of this market and to establish itself as a leader in special polymer solutions for devices and plants.

The starting point for the implementation of the plan will be a renewal of the internal company structure, from a distribution and marketing point of view. In addition, the company is working to increase the registration of products to the FDA, the only body that certifies and allows marketing in the USA.

Expanding the catalog

In addition, thanks to a strong production structure with 2 plants and direct support for research and development, LSM-Med plans to expand its catalog of products and instruments, which already has over 100 devices made in collaboration with leading surgeons.

To this support and to complete the production cycle, the flagship fab of the company: 400 m2 of ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean room, which represents the nodal point of the packaging operations of sterile products. Inside, in controlled atmosphere conditions, specialized personnel complete the various packaging phases from ultrasonic cleaning to the shipment of products to sterilization with validated cycles from external suppliers.

Finally, to keep up with the times, LSM-Med looks to the future with a particular eye to sustainability thanks to its ability to combine the science of bioengineering with traumatology, the use of polymer materials that are recognized as green and eco-friendly and production performance with lower environmental impact.

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