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Doxee and Lleida.net to offer an additional level of security in digital communications

Doxee and Lleida.net have signed an agreement for trust services eIDAS compliant.


Italian Doxee and Lleida.net, an eIDAS-compliant Qualified Trust Service Provider specialized in delivering secure electronic communications services that support innovation and the use of industry-standard services, have signed an agreement to offer an additional level of security and compliance in the delivery of digital communications.

With this agreement, Doxee initiates the integration of qualified trust services for electronic delivery, compliant with the eIDAS regulation. Lleida.net is an innovative provider for the certification of electronic notification and contracting processes. Thanks to this partnership, Doxee integrates an additional service within its technology platform that adds to the already extensive range of technologically advanced products to support companies in the digital transition phase and in complete dematerialization.

In an increasingly digitally oriented Europe, the security of citizens, private companies, and the public sector are crucially important. The eIDAS Regulation (EU Regulation n.910/2014) encourages the deployment of digital services and transactions within the European Union by fostering interoperability between Member States. Lleida.net as a provider of qualified trust services, ensures the integrity, authenticity, and reliability over time of electronic documents, digital communications, and electronic transactions.

Integrating trust services for electronic delivery

Enrico Celotto, CMO of Doxee, commented: “At Doxee we are constantly striving to offer new products and technologies to support companies and public administrations in their digitalization journey. The agreement with Lleida.net is aimed at the technological integration of Electronic Registered Delivery Services (ERDS and QERDS) with the Doxee Platform, and it represents an important moment in the overall development path of the Doxee Platform® technology ecosystem. By partnering with Lleida, we will offer our customers the ability to fully digitize their communication processes with legal relevance, while providing efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of these communications.”

Our partnership with Doxee represents a step forward in integrating our trust services for electronic delivery. This collaboration will enable the implementation of eIDAS-compliant solutions, providing enhanced security for digital communications and transactions. While we are pleased to work with a reputable company such as Doxee, our focus remains on continuously improving and innovating our services for our customers,” said Sisco Sapena, CEO of Lleida.net

Thanks to Lleida.net’s technology, the new Certified Electronic Delivery services will enable public and private organizations to send certified communications using digital channels and to receive notifications with full legal value. These new products complete Doxee’s CCM communications offering and represent an important evolution from traditional registered notification methods and document delivery mechanisms that is consistent with the direction taken by Europe on digitization.

Who is Doxee

Doxee’s mission is to extract hidden value from data and make it available to organizations. Doxee supports companies and public administrations in their digital transformation path by offering new levers to compete and communicate digitally, offering customers and citizens engaging and valuable experiences. On 2001 Paolo Cavicchioli and Sergio Muratori Casali found Ebilling S.p.A. to provide digital services for customer communications. On 2012 Ebilling Spa becomes Doxee Spa and launches the Doxee cloud Platform. Doxee with is partners are present in 17 countries all over the world.

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