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Indoor positioning system: the technology of the Italian Synapses

The BlueGPS platform from Synapses is serving clients in over 7 countries all over the world.


The indoor positioning system is proving useful in different industries. The tecnology is rapidly affecting the Construction sector, the Office Automation and Hospitals too. It turns location data into efficient routes, optimizes spaces, streamlines storage management and strategic site planning. The right indoor positioning technology helps to make decisions that increase revenue and drive business performance.

The indoor positioning solutions use severals technologies and the challenge is always the same: be as accurate as possible.

Started up in 2012 by Domenico Mariotti, a Nokia network Engineer, Francesco Distefano, a former engineer at Deutsche Bank, and Andrea Di Mauro HW Engineer, Synapses has 20 years’ proven industry experience in indoor location and an unrivalled portfolio of customers. The BlueGPS platform is deployed in 7 countries with over 1 million square feet covered, generate more than 10 TB of data per week.

BlueGPS is the indoor positioning platform design for data visualization and advanced analysis powered by Synapsis with a proven accuracy of 30 centimeters. The system mashup multiple data sources, to make maps smart and easy to manage, it use powerful 2D and 3D analytical tools to identify patterns and trends and then put this information to good use by sharing it within your organization, online, through a web or a mobile app.

An indoor positioning system as BlueGPS is a strategic choice in the smart building industry. A complete mapping of the building and of all the IoT devices and sensors is necessary both in the design phase and for maintenance purpose. But BlueGPS is also helpful for asset finding, room control and advisory services. It could be perfect also for safety, with the analysis of detailed incident maps and the generation of alerts when something goes wrong.

Totally open, BlueGPS is easy integrable via API and every project is customizable with unique features and tailored behavior, by providing highly trained software engineer specialists, app developers, 2D/3D Artist.

Why BlueGPS is different

BlueGPS determines the position of objects using the angle of arrival of the signal. The special antenna vector allows very high precision to be achieved with tolerances of a few centimetres. Bluetooth guarantees integration with smartphones and every device that uses the same protocol. A set of antennas called Locator receives the signal from the tags. The system engine calculates the position and the 3D graphical interface helps the user experience. Differently from RFID or Beacon systems, BlueGPS works both in an open and closed environment.

Tags have a certified duration of 2 years, and Synapses is the only company that provides a certification of accuracy during installation (30 cm). GPS systems can track systems, objects and people, for example, Alzheimer's patients in clinics, some types of operators within companies and construction sites for safety reasons, or athletes during training or official competitions. Everything with the help of a three dimensional model and a user interface very easy to manage.

BlueGPS is a partner of Siemens Italy and his offer is available in the Siemens Xcelerator marketplace.

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