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Silla Industries expands in France together with Charge Angels

Silla Industries, the Italian start-up of electric recharging, formalizes its arrival in France thanks to Charge Angels.


Silla Industries, the Italian start-up of electric recharging, formalizes its arrival in France with Charge Angels. After its debut at the Paris Auto Show last autumn, Silla Industries becomes partner of Charge Angels, the EMSP (Electro-Mobility Service Provider) that has conquered the Côte d'Azur.

In addition to the technical examination of compliance between the Solar range and the on-air services platform provided by the French player, the agreement was signed by the common vision of Alberto Stecca and Gerald Seiler, the founders of the two projects.

Seiler, who founded Charge Angels just over a year ago, said: “We are both entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about electric mobility, advanced open source systems and everything that can act as a further driving force for e-mobility. Prism Solar is versatile, connected, updatable in real time. All qualities agree with the services we offer. This is a combination that we will bring to all the charging stations we manage on the Côte d'Azur and beyond".

That's right - adds Alberto Stecca, CEO of Silla Industries - . We too were impressed by Gerald's project, which already supplies 500 charging stations and aims to double them by the end of this year: the column in itself is just a means of providing services and functions with high added value for every type of electric and smart user. Our landing outside the Italian borders could not have happened in a better way, especially for products such as the brand new Solar S".

Charge Angels offers services aimed at improving both the driver and CPO (Charge Point Operator) and fleet management experience. For traveling drivers, it offers services such as the geolocation of charging points, while for business users, such as fleet managers or car fleet managers, it helps in calculating costs and in maintenance, reading data and sharing the costs of energy contracts thanks to a Smart Charging algorithm.

Silla Industries devices, such as Prism Solar and the brand new Prism Solar S are absolutely compliant with the Charge Angels software, which allows synergy between physical charging points and the "on air" services offered by the operator.

Silla Industries is an Italian start-up founded by Alberto Stecca and Cristiano Griletti in Padua, With a team of over 40 professionals works in the e-mobility sector, it develops and produces innovative technological solutions for the world of electric mobility and for better energy management both for the consumer market with own-brand products, such as Prism, and by developing custom products for large Italian and international groups. In March 2023, it was included among the Fastest Growing Companies in Europe, deserving 80th place in the international ranking.

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