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Tag: mobility

A new factory in Mexico for EuroGroup Laminations

The Italian company invested 50 million euros to ramp up its EV components manufacturing capacity

Silla Industries expands in France together with Charge Angels

Silla Industries, the Italian start-up of electric recharging, formalizes its arrival in France thanks to Charge Angels.

Eni ready to build one of the largest high-speed electric charging networks in Europe

Over 100 million euro from the European Commission and CDP goes to Be Charge, a company wholly owned by Plenitude.

Federate Innovation @MIND selects startups for his pilot on mobility

The initiative is aimed to identifying the best project on autonomous driving.

Škoda Group established a new subsidiary in Italy

The company sees similarities between the Czech and Italian operators, and aims to bring self-driving trams to Italian cities.

EV mobility: Aehra is ready to launch its premium electric SUV

Based in Milan, Aehra wants to mix the elegance of Italian design with cutting-edge EV technology and advanced global engineering

Italian Rampini launches the first H2-powered 8-meter bus in Europe

Rampini Hydron is the first hydrogen bus completely made in Italy.

Startup Italy: Reefilla

Reefilla wants to drastically change how you can charge your electric car, with a “valet service” managed through cloud and AI

Talet-e has the solution for converting old scooters into electric

The Italian startup from Messina is ready with his Universal Electric Platform.

Blubrake technology hero at Eurobike in Frankfurt

The Italian brand Blubrake with Shimano for a revolutionary ABS for electric bikes.

Platum is ready to grow abroad

Focused on electric urban mobility solutions, Platum gest new funds to invest in export

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