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Blubrake technology hero at Eurobike in Frankfurt

The Italian brand Blubrake with Shimano for a revolutionary ABS for electric bikes.


The Eurobike trade show was the perfect stage for the launch of Shimano ABS by Blubrake the revolutionary ABS system for electric bikes. In Frankfurt, the startup company inside e-novia have just officially shown off competing anti-lock braking (ABS) systems designed for e-bikes to improve safety and performance.

Electric bikes make prime candidates for this type of brakes because they carry an on-board battery that is perfect for running the electronics required by ABS brakes.

Rear wheel lockup usually isn’t a problem on a bicycle, but front wheel lockup threatens bicycle stability either by having the front wheel slip sideways (if in a turn) or by causing the rear wheel to lift up (if traveling straight). With high enough speed, this can cause a wipeout in a turn or over-the-bars crash when riding straight. Experienced riders can often modulate front braking power to mitigate wheel lockup when it begins, but this is a slowly acquired skill, often developed over the course of several skinned elbows and knees. And computer-controlled ABS will always react faster than the computer under their helmets.

ABS for bikes promises to remove the danger of front wheel lockup, allowing riders to brake harder in performance scenarios like racing and mountain biking, or to simply panic brake without the consequence of crashing due to front wheel lockup.

Blubrake is an Italian company founded in 2015 by the e-novia partner Fabio Todeschini that aims to develop technological products for light electric vehicles, so as to make this form of micro electric mobility safer.

Shimano ABS by Blubrake is based on the origina patents of Blubrake, and makes use of the technical expertise and the extensive network of Shimano specialized technicians. Todeschini explains how the product was born: "This product is the result of a partnership that arises from a continuous technical and industrial comparison, from which a product has been created that actively improves the braking of e- bike. Since the birth of the company we have invested in research and development activities to offer cutting-edge products that can be easily used by our customers in all contexts. All this with the aim of contributing to the development of the mobility of the present: connected, intelligent and sustainable".

The system is designed to be mounted on the front wheels, especially to avoid tipping over. All components can be integrated into the frame and added to a wide range of e-bikes, and hide inclination sensors and accelerometers. By comparing the wheel speed with that measured by the sensors, together with the inclination data, the ABS evaluates whether you are in a dangerous situation or sudden braking that could cause the risk of overturning.

The system performs up to 1,000 readings per second, and when needed, the actuator, "stolen" from MotoGP and Formula 1, modulates the braking. The actuator increases the pressure in the lever (the brake hardens) and decreases it to the caliper, then modulating the latter to maximize the braking power without locking the wheel.

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