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Neosperience wants to be the Europen reference in digital

The Italian Neosperience finalize the acquisition of 49% of Rhei, already held at 51%.


Neosperience SpA., an Italian Innovative PMI and reference player in Artificial Intelligence listed on Euronext Growth Milan, announces that today a reserved capital increase has been approved, excluding the option right, finalized upon completion of the acquisition of Rhei S.r.l., already held at 51%.

The Board of Directors resolved to increase the Company's share capital for a total amount of Euro 80k, plus a share premium of Euro 3.008.000, for a total of Euro 3.088.000, increase to be implemented through the issue of 1,600,000 new ordinary shares of the Company, without the indication of nominal value, having the same characteristics as those already in circulation at the date of issue, with regular enjoyment, with the exclusion of the right of option pursuant to Article 2441, fourth paragraph, first sentence of the Civil Code.

The 1.600.000 shares will be paid up in favour of RH Tech Consulting S.r.l., against the contribution of a 49% representative stake of the share capital of Rhei S.r.l., of which Neosperience already holds 51%.

The operation is an integral part of the Neosperience development strategy launched since its listing on the Stock Exchange and which provides for a rapid strengthening of the technological skills of the Group and an expansion of the customer base, also thanks to a series of targeted acquisitions. In this regard, the President Dario Melpignano recalls that Rhei S.r.l is a company known in Italy for be a referral partner of HubSpot, one of the most successful CRM platforms in the world.

The integration of Rhei solutions based on HubSpot with Neosperience Cloud has now been successfully tested with numerous projects and clients, strengthening the offer of Neosperience and giving birth to the first "empathetic CRM" proposal in the world. The objective of this investment strategy for Neosperience is to accelerate the creation of the European reference for application solutions dedicated to Digital Transformation.

Neosperience is an Innovative SME listed on Euronext Growth Milan which operates as a software vendor. Recently indicated by Gartner as the only Italian company among the six most software producing companies innovative companies in the world, together with Adobe, Salesforce and SAS, Neosperience was founded in Brescia in 2006 by Dario Melpignano and Luigi Linotto, respectively President and Executive Vice President. The company is active in the Artificial Intelligence sector with Neosperience Cloud: proprietary software platform at the base of advanced digital solutions that allow companies to offer their customers a digital experience empathetic, with which to attract new customers, increase the value of existing customers, improve revenues and margins e optimize business processes. Neosperience's client companies include companies of reference in the sectors fashion, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services.

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