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RGI Group announces the launch of Unimatica-RGI services in Germany

The Italian leader in the digital transformation of the insurance sector grows in Europe.


RGI Group, the European leader in the digital transformation of the insurance sector, announces the launch of the legally compliant archiving services of Unimatica-RGI on the German-speaking markets.

Unimatica-RGI is one of the main players in Italy in digital signature and legally compliant archiving services, with the aim of making all business processes paperless by eliminating paper documents at source. Founded in Bologna in 2000, Unimatica-RGI joined RGI Group in 2010 and with over 5k Public Institutions and 100k private clients, among which Insurers, Banking Institutions, Utility firms, Public Administrations and Healthcare, it is one of the most important and prominent companies for cloud applications in Italy.

International growth represents one of the key strategic pillars for Unimatica-RGI, which recently achieved the Germany-specific certifications for the long-term preservation of digital documents.

Unimatica-RGI provides a range of services integrated with international best practices

Unimatica-RGI ensures the respect of best practices internationally and locally, both in Italy and in Germany. Its international standard certifications include those demonstrating its quality and security (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013), especially for Cloud Services (ISO/IEC 27017:2014 and ISO/IEC 27018:2019) and with a special focus on the environment (ISO 14001:2015).

Unimatica-RGI also holds the IDW PS 880 certification, which refers to the auditing of accounting-related software products and supports the compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for companies in Germany, and the ISAE 3000, which is the standard for assurance over non-financial information and consists of guidelines for the ethical behaviour, quality management and performance of an ISAE 3000 engagement.

Unimatica-RGI services are high-quality solutions that help customers get rid of paper prints

The leading solutions within Unimatica-RGI’s complete digital offering include the services for the long-term preservation of digital documents, digital signatures, and advanced electronic signatures.

Thanks to these solutions, customers can benefit from a complete suite for the digital storage and long-term preservation of any type of document, compliant with German and European laws and regulations. Several configurations of the service are also available for specific categories of documents such as tax and fiscal documents, contracts, insurance and claims practices, medical reports and dossiers, certified email. A web-based service allows customers to apply qualified signature and advanced electronic signature to any document and perform signature checks. It manages all signature methods: qualified with dongle, electronic seal, automatic/massive HSM, remote, AES OTP and graphometric/biometric, both from fixed locations and on the move, also in BYOD mode and direct internet.

"Companies are heavily investing in adapting their processes to the new behaviours that already emerged before the pandemic and to the higher expectations of customers. Even the most conservative businesses have had to accelerate their transition to digital during the last two years and we are the right partner to fulfil all their needs in terms of digital operations", Aniello Mautone, Unimatica-RGI CEO, has said.

Group collaboration leads to high acceptance and positive feedback from customers

For its expansion in Germany, Unimatica-RGI can count also on the strength of the Group companies, such as the sister company Flexperto – powered by RGI, which provides a customer engagement solution with a 100% digital approach available in SaaS that supports the entire customer journey.

Massimo Biffi, Head of Sales at Unimatica-RGI, who oversees its international development, has stated, “The Unimatica-RGI offering, combined with the Flexperto solution, is absolutely one of the most innovative digital accelerators and sustainability-enabling solutions on the market. Working together we can bring companies to the next level of evolution, where digital and physical interactions blend together to give customers an extremely satisfying experience”.

Thanks to this successful partnership, Unimatica-RGI already achieved great results in Germany in early 2022, with two German clients using its service for the long-term preservation of digital documents.

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