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Aruba’s new data center campus in Rome, Italy due to be completed early next year

New 30 MW ‘Hyper Cloud Data Center’ will be the largest in Italy’s capital city


Aruba, the largest Italian Cloud provider and the leading company for data center and other services, will complete by the first quarter of 2023 the construction of its Hyper Cloud Data Centre (IT4) in Rome, Italy.

The campus is set to be the largest data center in Italy’s capital city, and will include at full capacity five independent data centers of 6 MW each, totalling 30 MW of IT power and a redundancy level of 2N or higher and 100 Gbit/s backbone links between Aruba Data Centers and major Neutral Access Points.

Located within the tech area of Tecnopolo Tiburtino, East of Rome, the project will extend Italy's most technologically advanced data center network and enhance Aruba’s offering of hyperscale solutions. Once completed, the data center will join Aruba’s already extensive network, which includes the Global Cloud Data Center, i. e. Aruba’s flagship campus near Bergamo, Italy, two data centers in Arezzo, Italy, one in Ktiš (Czech Republic) and additional partner facilities across the UK, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Poland.

"Tapping into the latest technologies to improve sustainability is a priority for the entire data center industry. The work on our new hub in Rome is helping guide this priority, further consolidating us as one of the top European providers of enterprise-grade IT services as well as an operator of the most modern and environmentally friendly data center network in Italy. The Hyper Cloud Data Center will work in close synergy with the entire Aruba data center network and help expand our presence and enhance our connectivity in key European regions", said Alessandro Bruschini, Head of Infrastruct ure at Aruba.

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