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More Sparkle in the US: the company adds a new submarine cable to its network

With a new direct connection between US and Brazil, Sparkle now offers five diversified routes between South and North America


Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top global wholesale operators, strengthens its operations in North America. The Italian company activated spectrum capacity on Monet submarine cable system connecting Brazil to the United States. With this addition, Sparkle enhances its regional backbone providing five diversified routes between North and South America.

Monet is a new generation cable spanning 10,556 km and connecting Boca Raton, Florida, to both Fortaleza and Sao Paulo in Brazil. With the new cable, Sparkle increases the overall redundancy of its backbone that now provides five diversified routes between North and South America thanks to its extensive submarine infrastructure that includes three undersea “digital highways”: Monet and Seabras-1 in the Atlantic and Curie in the Pacific.

With the addition of Monet to its assets in the Atlantic, Sparkle further enhances its Tier-1 Seabone global IP transit service and its capacity solutions, catering the huge data demand driven by new technologies, media platforms and cloud-based services that require omnipresent internet connectivity.With Monet, Sparkle continues the expansion of its American fiber optic network, which now counts 56 Points of Presence across US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, a capillary presence in Brazil and a new open landing and connectivity hub in Panama.

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