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Sparkle helps Spanish operator Aire to expand its international presence

Thanks to Sparkle's connectivity, Grupo Aire is able to offer new services to international carriers, hyperscalers and businesses


Grupo Aire, a major wholesale telecommunications operator in Spain, expands its international presence in more than 90 PoPs (Points of Presence) and 20 European countries thanks to an agreement signed with Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and one of the main providers worldwide. As a result, Grupo Aire is able to offer greater connectivity to international carriers, hyperscalers and business customers and continues to advance in its internationalisation process.

The two companies established a point of interconnection between the respective networks in Marseille (NNI), so that Grupo Aire will be able to offer connectivity services from Marseille to the main European cities relying on Sparkle's pan-European network. In turn, the agreement strengthens Sparkle’s presence in the Iberian Peninsula, which has become an important hub for communications between Europe and West-South Africa.

The agreement provides Grupo Aire with a new business opportunity and the resulting revenue generation, as Sparkle is one of the world's largest carriers. In addition, it can incorporate to its complete portfolio different network services abroad under a competitive model, with a scheme equivalent to having its own network and not that of third parties.

As a result, Grupo Aire will be able to attract new international customers with service needs in Europe and the rest of the world, as well as strengthen the loyalty of existing customers by offering new and more competitive routes. The agreement allows the Spanish telecommunications operator group to offer these new services to international customers with global needs, as well as to operators with a presence in their datacentres that require connectivity to other data centres in the European continent.

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