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Tag: cloud

Octo Telematics and IBM for increasingly connected, secure and sustainable mobility

Some evolutions of the platform for connected mobility realized by Octo Telematics are based on a microservices model.

Italian cloud provider Aruba is now European node of Gaia-X

The provider continues its commitment to the project created to establish a European standard for data management and access based on security and compliance

Are Gaia-X and Government initiatives real opportunities for Italian cloud providers?

Which players, and how: these are the big questions around for the new year.

Italian 5G needs good new ideas

Companies tend to invest in vertical services that would be impossibile without 5G features. And you don't need to be a Telco to provide such services.

European cloud: beyond the hyperscalers

Cloud market dynamics can help smaller operators who want to play at the European level. But how much are national strategic cloud plans influencing the market? The debate is open.

Storm Reply: an IoT cloud platform for Schenck Process

Schenck Process selects Storm Reply to develop an innovative cloud IoT platform to make machines and processes smarter

Reply with EBF for cloud banking

Reply and the European Banking Federation want to share knowledge about the adoption of new cloud-based technologies

EU wants more control on critical technologies

European Commission kickstarts public-private alliances for semiconductors and industrial cloud technologies

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